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GST Calculator Singapore – 100% Accurate

WP GST Calculator

Gst calculator Singapore is an online tool that helps small business owners calculate GST (Goods and Services Tax) on their purchases. This tool makes it easy for small business owners to know what they need to pay in GST and saves them time and money by automating the process of calculating GST.

How to use the GST Calculator Singapore?

To use the calculator, first, enter your taxable income for the year and select the applicable GST rate(s). The calculator will then produce a summary of your return.

How much is GST in Singapore?

Singapore’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) is levied at 7% on all taxable goods and services. The GST is not included in the price of goods and services when sold. It is added to the price when the goods or services are consumed. You need to know your total taxable value for calculating your GST liability. To determine your total taxable value, you first need to figure out what type of good or service it is.

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GST QST Calculator

Singapore GST Calculator

There are four types of goods and services in Singapore:


These items are used for personal consumption, such as food, clothes, furniture, and household items.


You can pay for activities like booking a hotel room or hiring a plumber.

Capital Gains:

Gains from selling assets such as property or stocks are subject to GST.

Intangible Assets:

This includes things like patents and trademarks. They’re subject to GST if they’re used in your business.